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Wedding Table Setup
Decorating Wedding Table
Vintage Table Set


Every Detail Matters

  • Initial Consultation: Meet with the couple to understand their wedding vision and preferences.

  • Vendor Selection: Recommend and select vendors such as venues, caterers, photographers, florists, etc.

  • Design and Theme: Assist in creating the wedding's design, themes, colours, and decor.

  • Budget Management: Help establish and manage your wedding budget.

  • Timeline Creation: Develop a detailed schedule for the wedding day.

  • On-Site Coordination: Oversee the logistics and manage vendors on the wedding day.

  • Problem Solving: Address any issues or challenges that may arise during planning or on the wedding day.

  • Guest List and RSVPs: Assist in managing the guest list and tracking RSVPs.

  • Rehearsal: Coordinate and lead the wedding rehearsal to ensure a smooth ceremony.

  • Advice and Guidance: Provide expert advice and suggestions throughout the planning process.

  • Customization: Offer additional services based on the couple's specific needs and preferences.


Delivering Impactful Experiences

  • Final Coordination: Step in during the last month to ensure all wedding details are organized and ready for execution.

  • Vendor Management: Contact and confirm arrangements with all vendors, ensuring they have necessary details and timelines.

  • Timeline Creation: Develop a detailed timeline for the wedding day, specifying when different activities should occur.

  • Rehearsal: Attend or lead the wedding rehearsal to ensure everyone knows their roles for the ceremony and reception.

  • Troubleshooting: Address any last-minute issues or emergencies that may arise, working behind the scenes to prevent stress for the couple.

  • On-Site Coordination: Oversee setup and manage the wedding day to ensure everything runs according to plan.

  • Point of Contact: Act as the primary contact for vendors and guests during the wedding, allowing the couple to focus on enjoying their day.


To Guide You in The Right Direction

  • Consultation: Provide expert advice and recommendations during scheduled meetings or consultations.

  • Vendor Referrals: Suggest suitable vendors, venues, and other wedding-related services based on the couple's preferences.

  • Budget Assistance: Offer guidance on creating and managing a wedding budget, including cost-saving tips.

  • Timeline Development: Help create a wedding day timeline or schedule for various planning stages.

  • Vendor Contract Review: Review and provide input on vendor contracts and agreements.

  • Design and Theme Input: Offer suggestions on wedding design, décor, themes, and style.

  • Problem-Solving: Assist with addressing specific challenges or issues that may arise during the planning process.

  • Day-Of Coordination: Offer day-of coordination services on an hourly basis to ensure smooth execution of the wedding day.

  • Customized Services: Tailor services to the couple's unique needs and budget, allowing them to pay for assistance as needed.

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